The Parva Restaurant Bar & Lounge
The Parva Restaurant Bar & Lounge

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As more South Americans venture north with their cooking traditions and ingredients in hand, North Americans are getting the chance to sample these new foods and flavors. THE PARVA RESTAURANT BAR & LOUNGE has the Nuevo Latino cuisine as one example of the global gastronomic exchange that happens today, a fusion of traditional Latin flavors with global food trends. The rest of the world has become interested in the cuisines of South America, and new combinations will emerge. But the time-honored culinary traditions of Latin America remain intact. If you have not explored them already, new or old, don't miss out. You will fall in love with South American food. Our Chef now showcase Andean products such as alpaca meat, grains like quinoa and kiwicha, and unusual tubers such as yuca and maca in sophisticated new ways.

The delicacies were inspired by our talented travel Chef who made trips through Latin America to study and experience every cuisine. Our Chef has masterfully blended distinctive and traditional foods with a gastronomic technique and innovative presentation. The end result of these inspirations is The PARVA a new, upscale, and delicious restaurant unique to DC Metro Area (District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia).

Overall, the aspiration is to bring this Latin Fusion to the local neighborhood in a warm, personable, and welcoming atmosphere. We are proud of our creation and have therefore lovingly named the restaurant after a unique word significant in our native country Colombia meaning "the best of the best." From Argentine Malbecs, Spanish Sangrias to Colombian Mojitos and Peruvian Pisco Sours, we offer an extensive wine and drink list that easily allows multiple pairing combinations for every discerning palate.

Come and join us at The PARVA; we would love to offer you excellent food and wine, fun ambiance, and friendly service.

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